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    We advocate for our clients in and out of court. When you and the system meet head on, you need an attorney who is experienced, credible, and active. That’s why we are Excellence in Action!

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To serve our clients, judicial system, and community with excellence, integrity, and compassion.


When you face serious matters that require more than a quick response, we are here to help you. Whether you are sued, or  screwed, your stress level goes through the roof. You don't have to handle these matters by yourself. The best thing you can do to relieve your stress is to have someone else help carry the burden. You are not alone! We are here to help defend you against that debt or lawsuit. We are here to go after that business that wronged you. When you hire us, you will get a sense of relief knowing that you made a great decision to entrust your serious matter to a law firm that is experienced, credible, and active.


Regardless of the matter, when you are the focus, you will be inundated with documents and phone calls from those interested in the matter. Those interested persons could be a debtor harassing you or the opposing attorney and court in a lawsuit. You have enough to deal with already, and these people are not making it any easier. When you hire us, those documents and phone calls are directed to us. Receiving and acting upon these papers and phone calls is our business, and we are able to lift that burden off your shoulders while still keeping you engaged in the matter. We know how to respond to these matters. We know how to talk to these people. We know how to protect your interests in and out of court. The actions of those interested in your matter will change once we are involved, and your life won't be so hectic. You will have a sense of calm when we come on board to represent you.


When you hire us, we keep you organized and updated about the matter at stake. No longer do you have to worry about what is important, what is next, what papers to keep, whether or not you should respond or how you should respond, and what the overall strategy is as the matter is moving forward. We have a client portal for each of our clients and their matters. The client portal will be the central hub of your case where we communicate with one another, keep all of the documents in one place, update the calendar with all deadlines and events, pay any invoices, and generally track the matter as it proceeds. No longer will you wonder what the status of your case is, because you'll be able to log into your client portal 24/7 and know exactly what's going on in your matter, whether it's a pre-suit matter, litigation or real estate. You will see what we are doing on your behalf and know why we are taking the actions we are taking. You won't have to guess about your case. Of course we are available for client meetings and telephone calls, which can easily be scheduled by calling us.


Delay is costly when facing serious life matters. Whether you fail to respond to a collection letter or lawsuit, failure to act quickly and decisively can be devastating. You may lose certain rights or be found liable in a lawsuit. When you retain us, we know how to timely respond in order to protect you and your interests. While we cannot guarantee a particular outcome, we know that failing to act fast enough will never be the right approach. We constantly strive to ensure that your problems and worries are alleviated as quickly as possible. We are available to meet you in person, by telephone, or Internet video conference. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, schedule an appointment, or retain us.

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We are an efficient and effective firm with a global clientele of individuals and small businesses. We can help you in consumer, business, and real estate disputes. We serve clients in state and federal courts throughout Texas and have opened a new office in Illinois.

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