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Business Disputes

While we do not represent businesses against consumers, we regularly handle disputes between businesses. Whether it's a collection matter, breach of contract lawsuit, or a business tort lawsuit, we can handle the dispute. Mr. Sanchez has represented big, international corporations, financial institutions, and creditors throughout his career. He has also represented small and family-owned businesses. Most business disputes involve either lack of performance or lack of payment, while some disputes involved fraud or tortious interference with existing business relationships. Whatever the dispute, business executives and owners want their disputes handled competently, professionally, and efficiently so that they can do what they do best: managaing or operating their business. Let us take the stress off your shoulders so that you can get back to work!

Lack of Performance

Two businesses enter into a contract for the performance of work (which may include the supply of products, parts, or material) in exchange for payment for the performance. When the promised performance is substandard or incomplete and there is a refusal to correct the performance, then you're left with no choice but to escalate the matter to a legal dispute. When you need legal representation for a dispute involving lack of performance, we are here to help. We can represent your business from the pre-suit demand letter all the way through the lawsuit and appeal.

Lack of Payment

Your business enters into a contract for you to perform work in exchange for payment. You provide the work but the other side refuses to pay, whether that involves lack of timely payment or failure to completely pay pursuant to the agreement. When you have begged and pleaded for payment for the last time and are ready to get legal with the other side, we are here to represent you in your collection efforts. Sometimes a demand letter will do the trick. Other times a lawsuit will be required. Sometimes those lawsuits don't end upon judgment and appeals must be address. Regardless of your dilema, we can help you in your efforts to collect what is rightfully yours. We don't operate on a contingency fee, but we are prepared to seek reimbursement of attorney fees and expenses in our collection efforts on behalf of your business.

Fraud & Business Torts

Sometimes your dispute is more complicated than a breach of contract due to lack of performance or payment. Sometimes your business was swindled at the outset. Sometimes you are the victim of wrongful actions that fall into a technical breach of the contract. Whether the other side made material mispresentations or purposely omitted material information, we can help you with that. If another business is trying to interfere with your existing contracts, trying to pull customers away, or doing things to ruin your business, we can help with that too. We can help you address these matters that are not as simple as a lack of performance or payment under your business contract.

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