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Consumer Disputes

Consumer disputes come in all shapes and sizes. We have over 20 years representing plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of consumer matters from pre-suit demands through lawsuits to appeals. Is some individual or business coming after you for debt, foreclosure, or eviction? We can help. Were you screwed by an auto dealership, mortgage company, seller of real or personal property, or landlord? We can help. While not every case and client is a fit for our firm, there isn't anything we can't handle in the area of consumer law.


Whether you are alleged to owe a debt or you alleged you are owed a debt, we have you covered. Mr. Sanchez used to represent banks, financial institutions, creditors, and debt buyers. For three years running, Sanchez Law Firm was the highest filer of debt collection lawsuits in Texas. In 2012, Mr. Sanchez switched sides and started representing consumers and debtors being accused of owing debt. Mr. Sanchez took everything he learned from being on the other side and now applies it to help his clients defend against debt actions, whether they are pre-suit collection matters or debt lawsuits. While we can't guarantee results, we have been very successful in reducing or eliminating our clients' debts through non-bankruptcy defense against debt claims.

Mortgages and Foreclosures

In Texas, most mortgage disputes and foreclosures happen without ever involving the courts. Banks and mortgage companies can deny mortgage re-finance applications and institute foreclosure proceedings without having to get permission from the courts. Thus it is imperative for you to seek a qualified attorney who knows the law and how to deal with banks and mortgage companies. Who can be better than someone who used to represent them? Mr. Sanchez is not afraid of any big bank or mortgage company and is prepared to file suit against such entities when they wrongfully handle your loan application or foreclosure. Don't wait until it's too late and leave your home up to fate!

Real Property Disputes (including HOA disputes)

Did you buy real property only to learn later that someone defrauded you by misrepresenting the nature or condition of the property? Did you enter into a contract to purchase real property and later come to learn that the seller breached the contract? Are you involved in a dispute over who owns real property? Is your HOA coming after you for dues and other fees or for alleged violations of HOA rules and deed restrictions? Regardless of the mess you're involved in, we can help sort it out and get to a clean resolution of the matter. We can't promise you a specific outcome, but we can guarantee you our best efforts led by an experienced attorney who has successfully handled real estate litigation his entire career.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes and Evictions

Most attorneys practicing in the areas of landlord/tenant disputes and evictions represent landlords. We are dedicated to helping tenants assert their rights and defend against wrongful actions and evictions by landlords. Whether a landlord is not handling your complaint according to the law, attempting to evict you, or failing to return your security deposit, we can help you. Not every case in this area of law requires hiring an attorney, so we often give potential clients the information they need during a consultation to assert their legal rights and handle their disputes with their landlords. If a matter is too big for the potential client or the potential client would retain us to handle the matter for a fee, then we are prepared to step in and insure that the landlord doesn't continue to run over our clients simply because our clients didn't know their rights.

 Auto Fraud

Most people think there is nothing they can do when they are sold a car "as is" and the car turns out to be a dud. Most people think they don't have rights when they signed documents and the dealership then backs out of the deal or changes the terms without their agreement. Most people think that "buyer beware" means that they are screwed if they failed to do their own due diligence before buying a used car. Here at Sanchez Law Firm, we know the law and fight used car dealerships day in and day out. Even new car dealerships can be found liable for selling a lemon car. Whether your car barely made it 50 miles off the car lot before breaking down, the odometer was tampered with, or anything in between, we can help make things right. Call us to schedule a consultation regarding your auto fraud matter.

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