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Criminal Defense

To provide high-quality representation to as many people as possible, we focus our criminal defense practice on non-death charges. Whenever a death is involved in a criminal matter, the time, complexity, and costs rise exponentially, thus taking away from a lawyer's ability to handle the more manageable non-death matters. That is why we have refused to handle criminal matters involving a death since our firm opened in 2007.

We are transparent in our pricing for criminal defense representation. For most matters, we charge a flat fee for the pre-trial phase and another flat fee for the trial phase beginning 30 days before trial. Most misdemeanors are charged at $2500 for the pre-trial phase and $2500 for the trial phase, and most felonies are charged at $7500 for the pre-trial phase and $7500 for the trial phase. Of course, there are always exceptions depending upon the nature of the crime, posture of the case, and the prosecutors or judges involved, but such deviation from our quoted prices are rare.

We have a niche of representing clients away from Houston because many clients fear their local defense counsel or court-appointed attorney is not fighting or following through due to backroom deals with prosecutors, political allegiances to judges, or not wanting to rock the boat in order to get appointments. When we come into criminal cases outside of Houston, we owe no favors or allegiances and don't care about court appointments, therefore we can aggressivly represent you. Even in Houston, we are not a high-volume criminal defense firm, so we can be careful in selecting which criminal defense matters we choose to take on and work such select matters diligently and thoroughly.

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