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Benjamin K. Sanchez: Excellence In Action - A Day in the Life of a Texas Consumer Lawyer

Posted by Benjamin K. Sanchez | Feb 29, 2024 | 0 Comments

Texas is a vast state, and when it comes to practicing law, Benjamin K. Sanchez knows just how expansive it can be. From the Texas Panhandle (Deaf Smith County) to the Rio Grande Valley, from El Paso in West Texas to Beaumont in East Texas, Mr. Sanchez handles legal disputes all over Texas. This broad geographical scope calls for long days, early flights, and lots of driving. But it's all worth it in the pursuit of excellence and justice for his clients.

Start of the Day: Early Morning Flight to Amarillo

The day starts with an early three-hour flight to Amarillo. This is not a direct flight - it includes a layover in Dallas. It's part of the job that requires stamina and the ability to adapt to changing schedules and routines. But when your work involves serving justice and upholding the law, it is all part of the process and commitment to the cause.

A One-Hour Drive to Deaf Smith County Courthouse

Upon landing in Amarillo, the journey is not yet complete. There is still a one-hour drive to reach the destination – Deaf Smith County Courthouse. The drive, while long, is an opportunity to mentally prepare for the pretrial conference that awaits. It is a moment of solitude before the intensity of the legal proceedings sets in. The focus is always on the case at hand, ensuring that all facts are rehearsed and all legal angles considered.

Pretrial Conference in Advance of Jury Trial

The arrival at Deaf Smith County Courthouse signals the start of the day's real work - the pretrial conference. This is a critical stage in the legal process, where the parties try to narrow the issues for trial, exchange information about evidence and witnesses, and potentially negotiate a settlement. It's a time of intense focus and strategic planning, all in anticipation of the upcoming jury trial.

Return Trip in the Evening

With the pretrial conference complete, it's time for the return trip. But the day isn't over yet. There's a trial scheduled in Montgomery County the next day. This means another journey, another early drive, and another day in the life of a dedicated legal practitioner. It's a testament to the commitment and dedication that defines the work of Benjamin K. Sanchez and his pursuit of excellence in action.

Excellence in Action: A Texas Consumer Law Firm

It's no small feat to practice law across the vast expanse of Texas. It requires dedication, determination, and a relentless commitment to justice and the rule of law. From the early morning flights to the late-night drives, every moment is dedicated to serving clients and ensuring they receive the best possible representation. It's a commitment to #ExcellenceInAction, and it's what makes Benjamin K. Sanchez and his Texas Consumer Law Firm stand out in the legal landscape of Texas.

About the Author

Benjamin K. Sanchez

Benjamin has represented people and businesses in court for over 22 years. Having represented big business, financial institutions, and original creditors and debt buyers, he now represents individuals and small businesses in select practice areas such as consumer law, business disputes, simple estate planning and probate, and non-death criminal defense.


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