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Success Story: Defending a client in a Debt Defense Case

January 2024

The Beginning: A Troublesome Car Purchase

Our client's ordeal began with what should have been a simple car purchase. She went to a dealership intending to buy a vehicle. However, after test driving the car, she felt uncomfortable with the transaction. The car didn't seem to be a good fit, but the situation took a turn for the worse when the salesman applied pressure on her to sign the sales contract. The salesman even up-charged her, making her believe that it was the only way to secure a lower interest rate.

Feeling forced and overwhelmed, she signed the contract but left the vehicle at the dealership. Despite numerous calls asking her to pick up the vehicle, she was reluctant. Eventually, she returned to the dealership where she was asked to sign another contract. Feeling cornered, she complied and took the vehicle.

The Aftermath: A Legal Battle Begins

About two weeks later, she took the vehicle back to the dealership, hoping to return it and cancel the contract. Unfortunately, her attempts were unsuccessful, so she returned the vehicle to the dealership, then the finance company repossessed it and auctioned it off. Following this, the finance company sued our client for the remaining balance of the loan.

Sanchez Law Firm Steps In

Once hired, Attorney Douglas S. Alford of Sanchez Law Firm sprang into action. After months of discovery, the finance company filed a motion for summary judgement. This would have allowed them to win the case without a trial, but Attorney Alford's strategic defense led to the motion being denied. This prevented the finance company from winning the case at that moment.

A Successful Outcome

Not wanting to face Sanchez Law Firm at trial, a week after being denied a summary judgment in the case, the finance company dismissed the case against our client. It was a successful outcome in a debt defense case. Our client was relieved and ecstatic with the result, marking yet another successful case resolution by the Sanchez Law Firm.

Not all car purchase experiences are smooth, and sometimes they can lead to severe legal complications. However, with the right legal representation, it's possible to fight back and protect your rights. This case serves as a testament to the relentless dedication and expertise of Sanchez Law Firm in defending clients in debt defense cases.

Practice area(s): Bankruptcy / Debt

Benjamin K. Sanchez

Benjamin has represented people and businesses in court for over 22 years. Having represented big business, financial institutions, and original creditors and debt buyers, he now represents individuals and small businesses in select practice areas such as consumer law, business disputes, simple estate planning and probate, and non-death criminal defense.

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